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eMall club Terms & Conditions

These Terms and conditions apply to you if you buy coupon for eMall club. These do not replace the Terms and Conditions of service for your eMall account, which will continue to apply.

1. eMall club (https://www.emall.rw/categorie-produit/club/)

  • What is it? eMall club, is a customer loyalty program (eMall club) that entitles users to subscribe (on a monthly basis) to receive unlimited free delivery on orders by ordering anything through www.emall.rw
  • Benefit:  unlimited free delivery.

2. Eligible members:

Before buying coupon to eMall club membership, the following conditions should be taken into account:

  • Use this coupon when delivery location is one of: Gisimenti, Gishushu, Nyabugogo, Nyanza, Kimironko, Kibagabaga, Zindiro, Nyarutarama, Gacuriro, Kagugu, Gisozi, Kacyiru, Kimihurura, Gikondo, Rebero, Nyamirambo, Kicukiro, Gatenga, Sonatube, Remera, Magerwa, Sopetrade, Kigali Town, Kanombe, Niboye, St Joseph, Kabeza, Kiyovu.
  • agree to limit your eMall club coupon number to only one user and not share your coupon number details with any third party at any time during your eMall club membership duration.
  • Use your personal email when you are buying this coupon.

If you do not meet these criteria, you will not be eligible to buy coupon for eMall club membership. You will be deemed to be in violation of the terms set out in this paragraph if, at any time during your eMall club membership period, you do not comply with any of the above criteria. If eMall becomes aware that you are in violation of the terms set out in this paragraph, eMall may (in its sole discretion) immediately suspend or deactivate your coupon for eMall club membership (along with any other steps, eMall is entitled to take in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service for your coupon to eMall club membership).

For any complain related to eMall club membership account, please email us: support@emall.rw  or call us +250788385830.

3. Be a member of eMall club.

Eligible Users can join eMall club by visiting our site and buy coupon:

4. eMall Club membership fee and duration:

 3,000Rwf  for unlimited free delivery on our site within 7days.

5,000Rwf  for unlimited free delivery on our site within 15days.

8,000Rwf  for unlimited free delivery on our site within 30days.

Notice: Your membership start same day of payment, you will get email for coupon to use within one hour after payment.

5. Payment and Billing

  • Payment Method: Payment for eMall membership fee must be made by Afripay via mobile money, credit or debit card through eMall site.

Refunds: eMall club membership Fee is non-refundable, with no exceptional circumstances, for any complain about the eMall club, email us: support@emall.rw  

6.  Use of coupon: insert your coupon when you are add to cart or at checkout page.

7. Membership duration: When coupon expired, means membership expired, so you may buy another one to keep receiving our unlimited free delivery.

8. Termination or Modification

You agree that eMall, in its sole discretion, may terminate, deactivate and/or suspend any account (or part thereof) you may have with us or use the Service and remove, discard all or part of your account and/or discontinue, modify or alter any aspect, feature or policy of the Service of eMall especially when you are abuse our terms and conditions.

be a member now by click the link and buy your suitable coupon: https://www.emall.rw/categorie-produit/club/


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