How to Place an order?

  1. How to Place an order:
  2. visit
  3. search product: by category or subcategory( on right side then sort by popularity, latest, low to high or high to low) ,

 by typing word in searching ,

by click on featured banners link,

by scroll down and check by latest or random products, by highest selling and by lowest  or by highest price.,

  1. Click on quick view for short product description or click on product for full information.
  2. To buy: “place add to cart”
  3. Proceed to checkout(finish buying) or continue shopping
  4. By proceed to checkout, fill the form with appropriate details then accept terms and conditions, and final
  5. Pay By afripay (Mobile Money, VISA/MASTER card).
  6. Then wait your order between 20min-1hr.

For any issue ordering, call: +250788385830 or email:


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