reasons for concellation

When delivery time is over and not updates you for your order.

Ø When the products you delivered are not the ones of what you ordered unless you accept to get replacement.

Ø  We may cancel your order when products are damaged or expired.

Ø  We may cancel your order when the ordered client has bad past experience with us.

Ø  We may cancel the deal anytime when we are not able to deliver to you for any reasons.

Ø  You can not cancel an order especially when order is ready for delivery on these products: detached package products, groceries, food and some other products that is easily damaged.

Ø  We can cancel an order if delivery location is too far from Kigali.

Ø  You can’t cancel an order when our rider is on the way to you.

For any complain about cancellation, contact us:

 or call us +250788385830


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