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You are most welcome to https://www.emall.rw (site). This website is owned and operated by E-MALL Ltd. This E-MALL Ltd is private limited company which has an office located at Kg 9 Ave, Nyarutarama behind woodland supermarkert at 4th floor KL House, Kigali Rwanda, Gasabo District, Kacyiru sector, Kibazi cell, email: support@emall.rw , Tel: +250788385830. Here there are our terms and conditions, we encourage you to make sure that you carefully read out our terms and conditions before you make any purchase, register, order goods or services or any access to our website.  Once you click “accept our terms and conditions” or access our website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. These Terms and conditions apply to all users of the site, including users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and contributors of content without limitations. So, “seller”, “we”, “us”, “our”, “emall.rw”, “emall”, “site”, “website” and “our website” all means https://www.emall.rw .

We have the right to change, edit, update and replace any content in this terms and conditions at any time and publish the update terms and condition on our website. So we encourage you to periodically review our website and read carefully to our updated terms and conditions.

We are https://www.emall.rw , here referred to as official website of e-Mall Ltd, and it is owned and operated by e-Mall ltd.















PART16: Extra general information


  1. how to place an order.
  2.      Our payment methods

                           iii. how to pay at eMall with afripay

  1. Return policy
  2. after delivery services
  3. Reasons for cancellation
  4. why should I buy or sell at eMall?



Part 2: Definitions

  • 2.1. “Agreement”, “contract” means these Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), the Privacy Policy and any instructions provided to you.
  • 2.2. “Privacy Policy” we mean the policy accessible on our Website which details how we collect and store your personal data.
  • 2.3. “you”, “your” and “yours” are meaning of “you”, anyone who may access our website, and place orders for the Goods or Services we published on it. Access through any other channels provided by eMall will also bound you to these Terms and Conditions.

2.4. “Seller”, “we”, “us”, “our”, “emall.rw”, “emall”, “site”, “our site” “website” , “our website” all refer https://www.emall.rw


  • 2.5. “Goods”, means any goods which we may be listed to our website either for sale or rent at any time.
  • 2.6. “Service” or “Services” means any service that may be provided through our website for you.
  • “Product” or “products”: means goods or services.
  • 2.7. “Vendor” or “vendors”, “seller” means a third-party fulfillment, committed company or individual business that agree to work with us in order to give you higher quality goods or services.
  • 2.8. “Delivery”: means any goods or services that we or our vendors may deliver to you.

2.9. “client”, “you”, “vendor”, “buyer”, “eMall store”: all means any seller to our eMall.

About eMall

eMall is an online market place that connect clients and vendors to make transaction through internet and it helps delivery of products ordered by client.


You have the right to decide either access or not access our information displayed on our site. Any time you access our site, you are agreeing to be bound by our privacy policy and our terms and conditions.

Part 3.  eMall restrictions

You are not allowed to:

 Access or use of any information from our site to any third party for any purpose without consent from us.

Access or use of information from our site when you are not allowed to enter in legal agreement, for example when you are under 18years old, etc.

 Fail to pay your ordered products.

Fail to prepare ordered products.

Mislead, misrepresent and any other fraudulent activities.

Share or allow your account to be used by any third party without our consent.

Use of any robot or any other related tools to access our site for any purpose without our consent.

Distribution of any viruses or any other related to our site.

We may remove, edit, refuse, terminate, modify any content of your account at any time without prior notice to you especially when we found you are abusing our site.

Part 4: Ordering

  • You are entering into our agreement by ordering, processing, forwarding through our website. You are obliged to provide with us valid details like email, Tel number, location, so that help us efficiently deliver your order. Again, you warrant us that you are legally holder of valid credit or debit card with enough funds to make the payment of goods or services.
  • We are doing our best to satisfy our clients with higher quality products at lower price, products may be similar from different vendors on our platform, so when you ordered from certain vendor and we found the goods or services have no quality (may be damaged, expired, etc.), we reserve the rights to find and deliver to you good quality goods or services from our other vendors, but of course goods or services that are still exactly the same of what you ordered through our site. And if you are not satisfied, you may start the process of returning them; check the link for our return policy.
  • Please, read carefully products description before you order and use ordered goods to check whether it fits with your age, health conditions, etc. eMall is not aware of any consequence you might have after misusing ordered goods or services from us.
  • You are the only one to secure your confidential information like email address, password, card number, etc. so, we are not aware of effects of unsafe keeping your confidential information.
  • Our website automatically sends email to you when you make an order. That Email contain your order details and automatically confirms your order. but, your order may be cancelled by you, by us or by our vendor for some reasons like: when you submit invalid information as delivery wrong address, Tel number or email. Also, when ordered products is out of stock and we can’t find the direct similar goods or services from other vendors or based on past bad experience of client like cancelling order many times, etc.
  • One of our best quality to process and deliver your order, we are not obliged to do it but we update you every step from the time you place an order until after delivery services, for more information about our after-delivery services, click this link after delivery services
  • Confirmation of the agreement should be made by email or SMS. This confirmation message will contain details of ordered goods or services with their prices and delivery time range.
  • We are dealing with third party fulfillment (different vendors), so we are not obliged to but we may show you list of vendors behind on your order.
  • Cancellation of an order should be made by email, SMS or by phone call.

Part 5: Prices and Payment

  • Each products or services has its affordable price. However, you may find that the similar goods or services has different prices, it is because we deal with third party fulfillment, due to that, each vendor has his/her own price. So, you can easily get higher quality goods or services at lower price by visiting one product you want and then after click on compare to get similar products with different price on our site.
  • There is no hidden price on our site. The price you see on site include sales tax and after check out, you see your total bills including delivery fee. Our Delivery fee is 1300Rwf to all Kigali places and we may agree affordable delivery fee with client who is out of Kigali.
  • We and vendor reserve the right but not obligation to change, edit or replace the price and update the current one. Unfortunately, you may order goods or services that are experiencing the price change but not updated on our site, after we got that information from vendor, we notify you with updated price before delivery through email or by SMS and we wait for your confirmation through email, SMS or phone call.

. T o become vendor requires to pay opening account fee of twenty thousand Rwandan francs (20,000Rwf)  is free and vendor pays 10%_20% of selling commission fee to any products.

  • You will pay before we can process and deliver your order after we receive your payment, at time you choose to pay through one of our online payment methods. For more about our available payment methods, visit this link: payment method.

Part 6: Delivery

  • One of our best quality is to satisfy our customers with fast delivery. We always try to but not obliged to deliver less than our estimated delivery time or delivery time within confirmation agreement.
  • On our site, there are estimated delivery period. Normally start from 20min up to 1hr within Kigali. In case of outside of Kigali, it may take up to 48hours in working day except Sunday.
  • Delivery time may vary based on nature, location, size or vendor of goods or services ordered.
  • Delivery may be late due to risk beyond our control, for this reason, we will update you with possible delivery time, and if you are not satisfied, you may cancel the order. For more about reasons for cancelling an order, visit this link: order cancellation.
  • At time vendor has obligation to deliver, eMall is not aware of consequence from late delivery.
  • Since late delivery is caused by different factors, we or vendors are not liable for any costs, damages, liabilities, expenses or any other effects due to late delivery.
  • If you refuse to accept delivery at time when it is ready due to your fail timely cancelling an order, you provide in appropriate details or invalid information that result to delay your delivery, and other faults resulted from action that leads to late delivery and you will bear all risks and you will indemnify us with all total cost spent on that order.
  • Once you receive your delivery with one of our riders (person who bring delivery) will show him confirmation agreement you have by email or by SMS and you will sign for him delivery note.
  • You will bear alone all risks resulting from poor keeping or management of delivery after you receive it.
  • In case of bad quality delivered like damaged or expired products, you have the right to return it and claim for direct substitute quality products or claim your refund (you get your refund when your order cancelled or meet with any return policy).. For more about return policy, visit the link: return policy.

Part 7:  Obligations of vendor to the clients:

.  not changing price after order has made.

.  Suitable package of products.

.  Provide warranty on products if reserved by manufacturer.

. Fast prepare ordered products.

. Fully refund all amount paid by you when you meet with return policy and you need refunds instead of substitute products.

. Well receiving returned products at time he/she cancel an order.

. Deliver quality products and offer discount.

. High presentable pictures and description of products posted on our site.

. Bear all the risks resulting from the returns from you due to damaged or expired misrepresented products published on our site.

. At time vendor is the one to deliver, is obliged to manage delivery process by informing you about your order, prepare delivery, and other procedures till you receive your order. And also have to bear all risks resulting from late delivery or any other aspects related

. We may but not obliged to follow up the progress on your order at time vendor is the one to deliver.

. We or vendor will inform you for any cancellation on your order either by email, SMS or by phone number.

Our Delivery fee is 1300Rwf to all Kigali places and we may agree affordable delivery fee with client who is out of Kigali.


For any complain about delivery, email us: support@emall.rw

Part 8. Conditions to become a vendor

 Main conditions to become a vendor at eMall, if your Business legal registered in RDB, price less than or equal to local one and include eMall fee (10%_20%) , payment on delivered order will be proceed within 48Hrs, products order will be fast and well packed, wrong (expired,..) products returned will be refunded or replaced, Vendor account cancellation notice will be 1 month via email writing, Info . Delivery fee will be set, collected and be taken by eMall.

After viewing your application and find it success, you will be sent a vendor agreement form, you fill it and sign on it and send it back, then finally, your account will be approved or be rejected with reasons for rejections. 


Other general conditions:

. Quality and legal products

. not changing price after order has made.

.  suitable package of products.

.  provide warranty on products if reserved by manufacturer.

. fast prepare ordered products.

. fully refund all amount paid to him/her when he/she meets with return policy and fulfill conditions for refunds.

. well receiving returned products at time client cancels an order.

. deliver quality products and offer discount.

. high presentable pictures and enough description of products posted on our site.

. bear all the risks resulting from the returns from you due to damaged, expired, misrepresented or any other related products published on our site.

. At time vendor is the one to deliver, he is obliged to manage delivery process by informing client about his/her order, prepare delivery, and other procedures till client receive his/her order. And also have to bear all risks resulting from late delivery or any other aspects related.

. vendor has to avoid cancellation of an order and if this happen, will inform us before 15min for any cancellation on client order either by email, SMS and many cancellations may result to direct termination of vendor account.

. after vendor submit request to become a vendor, he may be request other documents through our email to prove his/ her submitted information.

. you are not allowed to put phone number, email or any address when you are listing your products.

. only your store name, product pictures and description, that will be available to be viewed by clients, in some categories, we may use names or vendor store names as category.

. vendor has to give a client, discount for his/ her products.

. vendor has to keep his/her password safely so he/she will be liable alone for any action that may occur on his/her account.  b   

. vendor has read and to accept our terms and conditions.

Click here to become a vendor : https://www.emall.rw/vendor-register/

. For any support, contact us: support@emall.rw


Part 9: Cancellation

The easiest way to cancel an order is to send SMS or email to us or to vendor when he is the one to deliver.. If we confirm that you order has been cancelled through our email, SMS or phone call to you, action will be done, and if you get our message that we cannot cancel an order due to some reasons, you will be charged total payment as per order. For more reasons for cancellation, visit our link: order cancellations reasons.

  • We may cancel your order at any time if we are unable to deliver your products ordered due to far location, overseas, only damaged or expired products are available, your bad past experience like many cancellation and you choose cash on delivery as your payment method, and other reasons.
  • You will get full refundable payment including delivery fee that you pay to us on your order, when we cancel your order at time you pay us by using one of our online payment method. Refund will be made to your method used to pay us and refund will be not later than 48 working hour except Sunday. In case of more than 48hrs after cancellation without receiving your refund, email us: support@emall.rw and you will get it not later than 6 hours.

Part10: Information

  • We will need your personal information to help us in processing an order, meet our payment obligation and help us in delivery of your order. For more information, visit this link: privacy policy.

Part 11: handling complains.

We are very committed and quick handling to any customers complains. And make sure your issue is solved as quickly as possible.

For any complain, email us: support@emall.rw

Urgent complain, call us: +250788385838

Part 12: Limitation of Liability:

  • We are doing our best to display only valuable and no biased information, meanwhile, as human being, we may make a mistake, error and any other poor performance on site, in such case, we are not liable for any mistakes or error that we may be committed by us. For any error, biased information or any poor performance on our site, please email us: support@emall.rw or call us: +250788385830 and we guarantee you to correct it as quick as possible.
  • You are sole liable for any poorly use of our site, third party linked on our site and you are liable for any loss you may bring to us due to misuse of our site.
  • We do not accept any liability for any delays, failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information, viruses or other contamination or any destructive properties transmitted to you or your computer system via our site.
  • Our site has one of highest strong SSL to protect our site information from the hackers, so we are not liable for any loss caused by hackers to your essential information.

Part 13. Use of our contents:

You are not allowed to collect, copy, or harvest any personal identifiable information from our website, use communication systems provided on the website for any commercial solicitation purposes, solicit for any reason whatsoever any users of the website with respect to their submissions to the website, or publish or distribute any vouchers or codes related to the website, or scrape or hack the website.

  • all these Our terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and any order form and payment instructions constitute the entire agreement between you and us. No other terms whether expressed or implied shall form part of this Agreement. In the event of any conflict between these T&Cs and even any other terms or provision on the Website, these T&Cs shall be prevailed.
  • Part 14: Currency used:
  • Our prices are in Rwanda Francs.

Part 15: eMall Property

What is eMall property?

eMall property, is E_Mall ltd.’s online brokerage with mission of digital connect buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants to make a deal, for more, visit: www.house.emall.rw

Part16: extra general information

  1. How to Place an order:
  2. visit emall.rw
  3. search product: by category or subcategory( on right side then sort by popularity, latest, low to high or high to low) ,

 by typing word in searching ,

by click on featured banners link,

by scroll down and check by latest or random products, by highest selling and by lowest  or by highest price.,

  1. Click on quick view for short product description or click on product for full information.
  2. To buy: “place add to cart”
  3. Proceed to checkout(finish buying) or continue shopping
  4. By proceed to checkout, fill the form with appropriate details then accept terms and conditions, and final
  5. Pay By Afripay (MTN Mobile Money or  Tigo cash, VISA/MASTER card), MTN MoMo code and cash on delivery
  6. Then wait your order between 20min-1hr.

For any issue ordering, call: +250788385830 or email: support@emall.rw



  1. Our payment method

> Master card or visa card: use your MasterCard or visa card under Afripay as payment gateway to pay us electronically.

> MTN Mobile money: direct pay us using your MTN mobile money via Afripay.

> Use MTN MoMo code of E Mall Ltd: *182*1*025210#

> Cash on delivery: pay cash on delivery to a rider

For any complain about payment method, contact us: support@emall.rw  or call us +250788385830


iii. How to pay at eMall with Afripay?

Enjoy cashless pay

At 0% transaction charges

  • By shopping with emall.rw and pay by
  • MTN: Afripay, accept terms and conditions, place order,
  • Payment method, MTN, insert your mobile number by starting with 250078…
  • Check phone notification, Select 1 and finally password
  • By Visa/Mastercard: Afripay, Payment method, visa/master card. card number,expiration date(month&year), CVC code(3numbers back on your card), fill your billing address then click pay now
  • Security: insert one time password received on your email or phone.
  • Then submit.

Support: +250788385830, support@emall.rw


  1. Return policy

You may return goods when:

> damaged or expired

> When it is not what you ordered.

> When it does not fit you, but here you get replacement.

> Groceries goods are not returnable.

Any complain about return policy, email us: support@emall.rw  or call us +250788385830

2. after delivery services

>Return policy

>warranty for some products

>easy replacement if product like fashion does not fit you.

>customer feedback

>quick money refund with in 48hours.

>email message about our latest news especially discount.

> Gift for you.

> Support for how to use product

> Free installation for some of our products.

   3. reasons for cancellation

Ø When delivery time is over and not updates you for your order.

Ø When the products you delivered are not the ones of what you ordered unless you accept to get replacement.

Ø  We may cancel your order when products are damaged or expired.

Ø  We may cancel your order when the ordered client has bad past experience with us.

Ø  We may cancel the deal anytime when we are not able to deliver to you for any reasons.

Ø  You can not cancel an order especially when order is ready for delivery on these products: detached package products, groceries, food and some other products that is easily damaged.

Ø  We can cancel an order if delivery location is too far from Kigali.

Ø  You can’t cancel an order when our rider is on the way to you.

For any complain about cancellation, contact us: support@emall.rw

 or call us +250788385830

  4. why should you shop from eMall?

  1. Affordable delivery fee to 1300Rwf for all Kigali places.
  2. Price transparent: all our prices are published everywhere on our site.
  3. General lower prices on products offered by our vendors.
  4. Able to shop from large store to small local one.
  5. Availabilities of varieties products.
  6. 100% secured site
  7. 0%transaction charges

Beyond, there is money back guarantee and we offer constant professional support by call or whatsapp +250788385830 and email: support@emall.rw



Part 17. Conclusion:

 If any terms or conditions of our Agreement shall be deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the parties hereby agree that such term or condition shall be treated to be deleted and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in force without such term or condition.

  • These Terms and Conditions and our Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Republic of Rwanda.
  • We may claim for reasonable remedies, damages from you due to any your action that abuse these terms and conditions.
  • These Terms and Conditions and a contract (and all non-contractual obligations arising out of or connected to them) shall be governed and construed in accordance with Republic of Rwanda and case should be reported to courts of Kigali Rwanda.



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