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Although there are many online shops in Rwanda, the majority of the population in Rwanda prefer physical interaction due to that, they end up travelling for miles and miles only for shopping. This is mostly because of wrong beliefs they have about online shopping in Rwanda. So, below are listed the top 10 myths about online shopping in Rwanda.

Delivery delay

0 bargain = 0 transaction

No value for time

High price and poor products

Insecurity/online frauds

It is service of foreign experts

Limited to cash payment and high transaction charges to digital payment

Require high IT Skills and knowledge

Unavailable products

Zero online shop in Rwanda

. Delivery delay:

Most of people, don’t trust any ecommerce website in Rwanda and think that when you order a product there, you will get it after more than one month and it is completely false except for some products that are shipped from abroad. The secret you don’t know, I had read about different delivery time for some international ecommerce websites and compare with local ones, and general found that online shopping in Rwanda has short enough delivery time than international ones, for example at you get your order between 15min to 1hr within Kigali, mainly depending on nature of item ordered and how far your delivery location.

. 0 bargain = 0 transaction:

Many local people, they have beliefs that they can’t buy anything without negotiation. The culture of bargaining is too high among local Rwandans which therefore leads to few people who shop online. It’s true that many ecommerce websites in Rwanda like emall has final price, means no way of bargaining. Here as a buyer, what you have to know, any online shop wants to maximize sales by set a price which is affordable and realistic to the customers.

. No value for time:

Time time time!!!! Africans and Rwandans in general think they always have enough time and yet a lot of valuable things are being postponed to be done next time which eventually leads to lose a lot of indirect money in substitute of small direct money.

 We all know saying that “African always feel they have enough time”. Really, this is true for some people. You may see a person spend most of his whole day shopping one or two simple items. Disagree? ask me how?  you may need to buy certain fashion clothes in Kigali city market and in meantime you need drinks from certain liquor store in Remera. So, Here, count time you spent in way going in town and coming back to Remera without forgetting traffic jams, searching parking lot, greeting your unexpected friends, time spent for searching item from one shop to another and bargaining and general time spend till you done with your purchase. Really, you are wasting a lot of your money and you know that “time is money” save your money by save your time.

Think deeply, 5min is enough to visit and make an order to certain ecommerce website in Rwanda like, you get your order at your doorstep within 30min and you pay delivery fee of 1,000Rwf, I assure you that here you save a lot of money.

. High price and poor products:

Did you knowthat many people are not buying online shops in Kigali Rwanda not because of other reasons but mostly because of wrong beliefs about online shops in Rwanda? For example: online prices are high priced and products are not of high quality? Please, know that mostly, high price is accompanied by high quality and many online shopping in Kigali Rwanda, only deals with high quality products to maximize quality satisfaction and put a fixed affordable price based on quality to maximize value for money to customers.

Take example of fashion or electronics, did you see certain shoes, same style and same color but with different price? And again, did you see phones with same size and same color but with different price? So, the secret behind is difference in quality, difference in performance and others. And surely, many online shopping in Rwanda like , deals with only vendors who are selling high quality products to maximize customer satisfaction and some policies had been set out to meet with quality standards.

Maybe you like buying cheaper shoes but when you get to compare the period you wear those shoes it definitely proves the difference between quantity and quality , since emall  started till now, no client ordered from  and claim to return a product, this shows high quality satisfaction on products sold to clients.

. Insecurity/Online frauds:

Many people here in Rwanda are not buying online because they think they may be attacked by hackers. Really, many online shopping websites in Rwanda are now 100% secured by what we call SSL (Socket Security Layer). These are website codes that protect customers info like passwords, payment system from being hacked especially for those websites that are accepting online payment or demand you to enter your password. As a client, please before put your any password or payment cards details to any site, check whether that website is secured, you may easily check it by opening a site and looking in the left side of the search tab, then if protected, you will see words “https or a bell” and you may click there to view SSL certificate details, if not protected, you will see words “not secured or http (without ‘s’)”. There are different types of SSL certificates and we will show you the most trustable you can use based on what you want to protect. Like emall, we use one of expensive SSL Certificate that is called “GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard certificate” which is one of the quickest ways to protect online transactions. For verification, visit

. It is only for foreign experts:

As a matter of fact, we all know that ecommerce in Rwanda is underdeveloped compare to others some countries. So, this makes some local citizens and others keep having wrong beliefs about online shopping in Rwanda by thinking that is only reserved for international people who already experienced for online shopping in their countries. Based on my observation, mostly local people here in Rwanda think of shopping and immediately think of going to the physical market while some foreigners think of shopping and start searching online. Generally, local people don’t want to change from traditional to digital economy and from cash economy to cashless economy, this results from local people who keep believing that online shopping is for foreigners who already used it in their native countries

. Limited to cash payment and high transaction charges to digital payment:

 Although there are many ecommerce shops accepting cash payment as only payment method, but there are some that are using digital payment like at emall, you may easily use afripay where you pay with MTN, Visa card or master card at 0% transaction fee. Many online shops in Rwanda fear high transaction fee charged by institutions that are offering online payment gateway and prefer to use only cash payment. So, this makes many people believe that all online shops are using only cash payment and even one that are using digital payment are being charged high transaction fee and that is not true.

. Require high IT skills and knowledge:

A person may be having a bachelor’s degree in certain course and once asked to order anything on any ecommerce platform like ,immediately replies that he/she can’t do that because he/she didn’t study IT !!! . It’s no because it is complicated but it’s because of wrong belief about shopping online requires some special technical skills and knowledge he/she don’t have. Really, online shopping is one of most simple things to do within 5min to everybody unless you meet with other challenge like language barrier, lack of electronic tool or internet access and others. Therefore, high number of people are not buying from online shopping in Kigali Rwanda, not because of any others factors but due to these wrong beliefs they have in mind.

. Unavailable products:

Among online shops in Rwanda, few of them list products that they don’t have or their vendors haven’t, So, once the order is made, they start looking for the product and at the end they don’t find the product which leads to order cancellation. So this destroys some online shops’ reputation which leads people in wrong belief that all ecommerce websites in Rwanda list products that they don’t have and then discourage them to place an order at all.

. zero online shop in Rwanda:

In Reality, we can’t hide that online shopping in Rwanda still underdeveloped compare to others international countries. But behind this, there are many registered ecommerce businesses and at least 15 companies among registered, are really running ecommerce business here in Kigali Rwanda. The issue is, many people have wrong belief that there isn’t any ecommerce here in Rwanda and others neglect the ones they know by comparing them with the most famous international ecommerce platforms. These mostly due to inadequacy funds among players of ecommerce websites in Rwanda to invest in marketing and generally ecommerce requires huge marketing investment with different marketing mix.

So, here my advice to everybody. shopping online is simple and cheap than physical interaction shopping, So change beliefs and go with time. Thanks

Author: E_Mall Ltd

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